Monday, October 27, 2008


I don't know what the feed is in Edmonton, but on Center Ice tonight it's NESN, my hometown station. NESN always acts a bit discombobulated, transitioning from baseball to other seasons, (the spot they just ran, "Red Sox baseball on NESN, is brought to you by..." would be a good case in point) but their hockey crew love hockey. So far tonight they're in delighted awe with the Rexall ice, and at the end of the 4:22 without stoppage of play, they went to the ad with "And we actually get PAID for this! AMAZING!"

And with a game like this one so far, it's hard not to love hockey.

The Oilers will never win any games ever again.

I think the only logical conclusion to draw from the last few days is that the Oilers, after their undefeated start, have in fact gotten in all their wins for the season at the beginning, and all we have to look forward to now is one unbroken death spiral downwards.

Which is why I'm terribly angry that so many Oilers games are blacked-out on Center Ice this year, because I want to witness this historic season in its epic entirety.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oilers v. Blackhawks

Long ago, I used to live in Chicago. It's where I went to my first NHL game (in 2004). I asked my boyfriend (he was hoping the Blackhawks would somehow overpower the Ducks to improve Edmonton's playoff hopes) if the hockey players usually fell down so much while skating. Sadly for Edmonton's hopes, the answer was "not usually." The Blackhawks fans seemed to be (understandably) drowning their sorrows in beer, which led to the wonderful moment when the song from "That 70s Show" blaring from the loudspeakers prompted ragged shouting of "Hello Wisconsin!" from the section next to us.

The following season ('05-'06), I saw the Oilers live for the first time (though I'd heard many games called by Rod Phillips), hosted by the Blackhawks, who weren't much better than they had been. I don't really remember the game (Oilers lost, thanks to Conklin?) per se, but I do remember how many Oilers jerseys were in the seats, and in particular, whilst waiting in line for nachos, a woman in an Oilers jersey got down on one knee on the concourse and proposed to her Blackhawks-jersey-clad boyfriend. He accepted. I teared up a bit and decided I could get into this hockey community thing.

So GOilers, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the City of Chicago, where among many other wonderful experiences, I learned to love them and their fans.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

And it gets away...

Even homemade falafel for dinner can't dull the pain of missing the World Series by three runs.

72 hours to regroup, and then on to Oilers vs. Blackhawks, I guess.

In the meanwhile, more wine.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Distractions: Oilers v. Falmes

The NHL Center Ice feed tonight is Calgary, alas. I was not familiar with their tv guys, and their play-by-play guy, Peter Loubardias, sounds eerily and distractingly like Henchman 24 from Venture Brothers.

If you don't watch this show you should. (First two seasons are on DVD!)

Also, the Buffalo game seems to be getting called by the captain from Sealab 2021. Perhaps I am watching too much Cartoon Network.

Shaky start by Deslauriers, but everybody has to have their first game in the Show sometime, and he shored up well. I enjoyed seeing him vs. Lowell in January, and I think he has potential. I'll be at another Falcons game Nov. 23, and I can't wait.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Married to the Oil Enters its Semaphore Slump!*

Yes, it's true, scandalously true. Marriedtotheoil has been having a tawdry affair. Oh goodness no, not cheating on her Alberta guy, but rather being less than faithful to all things Oil because of that glittering hussy of a baseball team, the Boston Red Sox and the crazy fan dance of a playoff run they've been doing all summer. Married's eyes strayed away from the oilogosphere, and rested comfortably on Jason Bay, Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis, and David Ortiz.

SO Married's a little late to the season-opening party. (Thankfully, the MLB scheduling is allowing her to continue to two-time, as the Divisional Series against Tampa was Friday-Saturday, Monday-Tues, TBA. Afternoon game at Fenway today!)

It was glorious to settle in on the couch last night in my number 10 jersey with a slice of pumpkin pie and finally watch some freakin' hockey! It was 90F and humid here yesterday, but that couldn't stop the Fall mood and the giddy squealing as "my 2008 Oilers" came down the tunnel and out to the ice.

The game? Well, we won, right, so I'm willing to chalk up some appalling hockey to opening-night jitters. Once. As for the vintage jerseys? Maybe I'm getting old (okay, not maybe) but I found it strangely difficult to read anyone's number.

Overall, I would rate still rate the beginning of the season as Crosby.

*(for more on ths topic, see Battle of Alberta)